Let's Shop $IMPLE!

You're ready for a new car, but you're not ready to come to the dealership yet, so Tri State Ford makes shopping from home possible. Our online inventory lets you browse the new and used Ford vehicles available at Tri State Ford whenever you want.

Now, we're taking this car-shopping convenience a step further with, Tri States online SIMPLE Shopping Tool

The next generation of online vehicle shopping is here. Tri States online Simple Shopping Tool you to shop for your next car from the comfort of your home.

Tri State Ford makes shopping Simple

Here's how this new tool works. When you're browsing our extensive online inventory and see the vehicle you want, you can click Tri States Simple Shopping Tool to begin the next steps in the car-buying process. You'll be able to estimate your trade-in value for your current car, personalize your loan and payment preferences, submit a finance application, and even research insurance plans.

What does that leave for you to do in person at Tri State Ford? Test drive your selected car, truck, or SUV to ensure it's what you want. Then, once you sign your name on the contract, the vehicle is yours to drive home.

Tri State Ford cares about you

For over a decade Tri State Ford has been making the car-buying process stress-free for customers, Tri States Online Simple Shopping Tool is our next innovation. We respect your time and know that you don't want to spend more of it shopping for a car than you have to. And, we value your business, so we want you to clearly know how much you're spending before you sign anything.

Tri States Online Simple Shopping Tool continues our convenient and transparent way of doing business. Our legacy is built on trust and honesty. We are Northwest Missouri's leader in customer satisfaction.

Now is the time to experience the next generation of online vehicle shopping with Tri States Online Simple Shopping Tool.  It is simple, safe and secure.